5 Best Online Proofreading Tools for Error-Free Writing

best free online proofreading toolFor a blogger or freelance writer, it is a must to come up with quality content so as to attract readers. If you are a blogger, freelance writer or, the editor, you must be aware of the above reality. As a matter of fact, a piece of quality content should be an error-free writing. It should not contain any spelling or grammar errors. So, how do you ensure that your content is error-free, and does not contain any spellings or grammar mistakes?


Well, there are online proofreading tools which you can use for error-free writing. Here, we showcase 5 Best Proofreading Tools for Freelance Writers for Error-Free Writing. By using these Online Proofreading Tools, you can rectify spellings and grammar mistakes easily. Although bloggers give much time in deciding topic, creating drafts, rewriting the final article, they somehow don’t give much time for proofreading their articles.


It results in spoiling their content. What could have been a quality content result in a poor content filled with spelling and grammar mistakes? So, avoiding proofreading can prove costly to you.


Search engines devalue content which has spelling and grammar mistakes. Your rankings dip and you lose readers. Moreover, you have to understand that without proofreading, you cannot improve the quality of your articles.


free online proofreading tools Herein, lies the utility of .  


You are bound to make mistakes especially when English is not your first language. However, you can correct your mistakes and improve the quality of your content by using free Proofreading tools. Some common mistakes in articles include the use of passive voice, wrong usage of tenses, spelling mistakes, wrong use of prepositions, etc.


However, all these mistakes can be easily corrected by using a powerful proofreading tool. So, to help you in selecting the right proofreading tool for error-free writing, we have compiled a list of 5 Best Online Proofreading Tools for correcting spellings and grammar mistakes.


The basic idea is to make your proofreading simple and effective so that you do not hate proofreading but employ it as a means of creating quality content for your readers. These proofreading tools help you to reduce the number of common English mistakes. So, now let us explore these 5 Best Online Proofreading Tools for Error-Free Writing.




1. Grammarly


Grammarly is a powerful and comprehensive best free online proofreading tool to free grammar and punctuation check. It functions as a multi-purpose tool and checks for any spelling or grammar mistakes. It can be installed as an extension in your web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome. It also integrates with MS-Word and MS-Outlook.


As a matter of fact, Grammarly checks your text for more than 200 grammar rules. It not only corrects spellings, rectifies grammar mistakes but also suggests better words for replacement. Grammarly also comes with plagiarism checker feature, as well.

2. Ginger


Ginger is the next proofreading tool on this list. It is a comprehensive tool featuring many powerful features. It takes care of “article errors” in your content by giving you suggestions for the correct use of the, a, an. It can be installed as a Google Chrome Extension or MS-Office extension. It is also available for iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.


Ginger provides sentence re-phrase tool and suggests different ways of writing a sentence. It has inbuilt dictionaries and text-to-speech modules. It also offers a Personal English Trainer module with which you can use to improve your English language skills.


3. PaperRater


If you want to proofread your content by simply copy-pasting, then PaperRater can be a good choice for you. PaperRater comes as a website-based tool. For checking your text, you have to go to PaperRater website and paste the text. It provides you report showing spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes, words and style suggestions, and plagiarism report, as well. It can proofread different types of documents including resume, essay, thesis, speech, review, research paper, short story, business communication and much more. It is a free proofreding tool.


4. Slick Write


Slick Write is a simple yet powerful proofreading tool for checking spellings and grammatical errors in your content. Slick Write provides a simple web interface, yet it is a feature rich tool. It helps you to analyze your writing in detail. It not only points out errors but also provides in-depth analysis of your writing including adverbs, prepositions, phrases, passive words, and lots more. It gives you suggestions so that you can improve your writing skills. It comes as a free online tool for proofreading your documents.


5. PolishMyWriting


PolishMyWriting is another superb tool for proofreading your documents. You just have to copy the article which you want to proofread and paste it in the PolishMyWriting website. The tools check for spelling errors, advanced style checking, and grammar mistakes. The errors are displayed to you in three different colors. Spelling mistakes are highlighted in red color, writing suggestions are shown in blue color, and grammatical mistakes are displayed in green color.


It also gives suggestions for active and passive writing. The results are shown quickly which is another good feature of PolishMyWriting. It is also offered as a WordPress Plugin, and extensions are available for Chrome and Firefox. With the help of Online Proofreading Tools, it has become simple to do a spell and grammar checks on your text. I hope that the above presentation proves sufficient for you in selecting the Best Online Proofreading Tools for error-free writing according to your requirements.

The Ultimate Guide to Mobile SEO

It might sound like a cliché if I say that the world is shifting towards mobile. That would have been pretty correct three years ago. But today, it is evident that we have already shifted towards mobile.


One in every four searches happens on mobile, with 50 percent of mobile searchers using their device at the start of the search process and 88 percent using smartphones to conduct local searches.


As mobile is growing, marketers need be smart enough to optimize their mobile site by doing the right mobile SEO.

Yes, mobile SEO is slightly different from what is done for desktop, and it is important to understand that the way people search on mobile is different from how they search on desktop. In fact, Google recently announced separate changes for mobile and desktop in its search quality updates. Including:


More Localized Results: For mobile search results, Google places listings – now known as Google My Business – tend to appear more numerously than desktop search results. And it means results for mobile searches are more likely to be localized. Moreover, there is a greater chance of websites with local intent to have higher rankings than those with non-local intent.


Different Levels of Engagement: Mobile users have different levels of engagement compared with desktop users. A drop from first to fourth position on a mobile phone can mean a CTR drop-off of up to 90 percent.


Ranking Algorithms Are Different: Mobile search uses different ranking algorithms from desktop searches. Location is one of the key factors that can change the mobile search results for different users.


Different Search Behavior: Mobile users have different search intent as compared to desktop users. There is more urgency of action.


Here is a list of some best practices in ensuring mobile search engine optimization success for your site.


1. Redirects That Work on Mobiles:


Make sure you are redirecting your users to the correct URL when they are trying to access your site from a mobile. To serve users the correct version of your website, I advise redirects based on user agent. Use server-side redirects (301s or 302s) instead of JavaScript redirects. Google also recently updated its Site Move Help documentation, recommending the use of 301 for mobile redirects.


Use a crawler like Screaming Frog to check how Googlebot mobile crawls your site. It gives the Redirects Chains report showing the chains of redirects, the number of hops, as well as identifying the source and whether there is a loop.


2. Optimize Embedded Videos and Images


Make sure your visual content is optimized for mobile devices. Keep them responsive. Make sure that no elements on your site rely on Flash. While iPhones can’t render Flash at all, it is also very slow on Android devices. Instead of using Flash for videos, use HTML5. Test all video content after uploading to ensure the best user experience. Use a mobile emulator like the Opera Mobile Emulator to check how your web content is displayed and executed. You can check your text, menu, images and videos.


3. Test Page Load Speed


74 percent of users leave the site if it is taking more than five seconds for a page to load. Make sure your site loads quickly on mobile. Use Google’s PageSpeed Insight tools to check your page load time. The PageSpeed Insights mobile filter will not only verify your mobile site speed but also give you recommendations on how to improve it.

If your page speed is slow, you can try compressing large images and check whether other on-page elements like JavaScript and videos are optimized for mobile or not.


4. Mobile Sitemaps


Create an XML sitemap for your mobile site, and submit it to Google and Bing. Keep mobile pages separate from desktop pages. By keeping the two separate, you can find out whether there is any indexation issue in mobile pages as compared to the desktop pages. You should also check if Googlebot is encountering any possible issues crawling your site by using Google Webmaster Tools.


Click on Crawl > Crawl Errors and choose the Smartphone tab. On the Webmaster Tools dashboard click on Fetch as Google, enter the URL and click on Fetch.


This will give you a report on how Googlebot fetched your page. Verify the HTTP status code and HTML you are providing to Googlebot.


5. Don’t Forget Local


According to Google, around 50 percent of mobile search happens with a local intent. So don’t forget to optimize your mobile site for local search and use appropriate structured data markup wherever possible. Make sure your site is submitted on Google My Business if you are a local business and keep the following information clearly visible on your site: physical address, hours of operation and contact information.


6. Optimize Your Content


Optimize your web content with relevant keywords and strategically place them throughout your pages. Use the Google Keyword tool to verify the keywords mobile search volume.


You can also use other keyword tools like Ubbersuggest and Keywordtool.io and to identify relevant keywords to your website. Apart from this, try to avoid using ads and pop up windows and remove unnecessary images as they slow the page load time.


7. Conversational Tone and Voice Search


As more and more people are using voice search, an SEO strategy that promotes your specific location and uses conversational search terms in the content is becoming crucial.


8. Mobile Friendly Meta Tags


Make sure your meta tags are formatted in a mobile friendly style. I would recommend keeping your title tags within 40-60 characters and meta descriptions within 90 characters. Use User-Agent Switcher Add-On for Chrome to check your mobile search results. Compare the titles, descriptions, URLs, snippets from mobile and desktop search results.


9. Clear Design Focused on Usability


Keep your mobile site design intuitive and easy to navigate. Use clear call to actions to increase your site’s ability to engage and convert visitors into prospects. Avoid unnecessary design elements and make sure that all-important information is clearly visible and easy to find. Once you have optimized your pages, you can use Google Analytics to track your mobile traffic data.


Click on: Acquisition>All Traffic>Medium>Organic Search Traffic>Add a Segment>Mobile Traffic and Tablet Traffic, and click on apply.


This will give you a graph showing your mobile traffic. Via “Select Dimensions” you can choose different devices or models to compare traffic and find out your best landing pages.


This report will be helpful to understanding how your mobile site is performing and how much traffic it is driving.

With the growing use of smartphones, designing a website that is friendly to the smartphone users has become important. If your SEO strategy does not cover mobile search, you still have a lot to do. Once you have launched your mobile optimized website, make sure you have got all the above mentioned points ticked to ensure mobile SEO success for your website.

8 Twitter Unfollow Tool: Best Tools to Unfollow Non Followers on Twitter

If you are one of those internet marketers who want to use Twitter to promote and market your brand, it’s crucial that you have the proper understanding of Twitter engagement.


In this article, we will be teaching you the importance of following the right people on your Twitter account. Most importantly, we will be giving you the list of the best twitter unfollow tool.


Who, When and Why Unfollow People on Twitter

If you want high engagement on your Twitter account, don’t just follow the right people. But, unfollow everyone on twitter with one click.

Yes, that may not sound very common, but it is essential to get rid of those Twitter users who do not do any good for your account. Who are they? When to unfollow them and how?

These are the questions that we will be answering right now. So continue reading.

Who to Unfollow on Twitter?

These are the following Twitter users that you should unfollow:

  • Inactive accounts.
  • Unresponsive accounts.
  • Users who unfollow you.
  • Users who don’t engage.
  • Accounts that are not the target audience that you need.

When to Unfollow?

Try to create a list. Categorize the people by your account. Identify those who are active and responsive from the ones who are inactive and unresponsive.


Once you finish the list, then you can easily unfollow non followers on twitter who are not being helpful.

Always remember that there is no need to continue to follow those types of individuals in your main feed.


Simply because they are the reasons why your Twitter gets low engagement rate.

How to Unfollow?

Unfollowing Twitter users are easy if you have a very few people on your account.


But what if you have a massive number of accounts to deal with? That’s going to be tedious. Well, not anymore if you know about the twitter unfollow tool. A twitter unfollow tool will help you sort your account easily and quickly to find people you might like to unfollow.


It is a powerful interface that allows you to mass unfollow inactive twitter followers in a single time. These tools also have unfollower stats to show you those accounts that do not follow or who unfollowed you.


Luckily, today we have unfollow twitter tools that are widely available online.

Twitter Unfollow Tool

Pick the Best to Unfollow Inactive Twitter


1. Crowdfire


Crowdfire, formerly known as justunfollow, is one of the most popular easy unfollow twitter tool today.

Many people say it has the best unfollowers feature.


It is very useful especially to those who want to get rid of inactive and unresponsive Twitter accounts while keeping their accounts credible.


With Crowdfire, you can even sort your non-followers according to the newest and oldest. However, if you are only using free Crowdfire subscription, you can only add and unfollow 100 accounts per day. So it’s best to use their paid ones.


2. ManageFlitter

When it comes to Twitter managing tools, ManageFlitter also tops the list. To unfollow inactive twitter is easier with this tool because of their beta version which allows a user to select multiple twitter accounts and unfollow them with just one click.


Additionally, you can also sort the people according to their lack of avatar and their activity level. You can do that by searching bio keywords provided in the tool itself. ManageFlitter breaks down their prices into two. The ManageFlitter Business and ManageFlitter Pro. You can see the rate difference if you visit their website.


3. Statusbrew


Statusbrew is a powerful application to manage your twitter. It is a unified solution for Twitter management and other social network management.


It is a straightforward way of unfollow non followers on twitter fast. Therefore, it is time-saving and hassle-free.

Compared to the other unfollow twitter tools, this twitter unfollow tool is the most user-friendly one.


All you need is to log in to your twitter and authorize Statusbrew to access your profile, and you can start using it. Its simple dashboard will let you operate the features easily.


4. Untweeps


If you do not have any budget to sign up for a paid twitter unfollow tool, Untweeps is what you need. This is a free and simple app that will help you clean your twitter account. Also, this is helpful to categorize users who haven’t tweeted since a definite time.


It has an unfollower stats for you to see inactive users quickly and unfollow them instantly. So if you’re budget-wise, choosing Untweeps is a smart decision to make.


5. SocialOomph

SocialOomph’s professional program has a unique feature that allows you to unfollow a Twitter user you are following. But it does end there. You can add that person again and start fresh.


The point is to re-introduce your account to the same person so there could be a new and engaging twitter relationship to happen. Although it just started as a service that just focused on helping Twitter users, today SocialOomph is also covering Facebook and Instagram.


6. Unfollower Stats


Many Twitter users are amazed by this twitter unfollow tool because of it free and easy to use. So if you are not into business and you want simple arrangement and management on your twitter account, this app could be a great choice for you.


But Unfollower Stats also has advanced features for paying members. The good thing about them is, you can choose what kind of service plan will suit your needs perfectly.


7. Tweetpi


Tweetpi is best for businesses that are using Twitter as their marketing and promotional strategy.

It helps you find twitter account that runs a business. It’s an unfollower stats that mainly give out names of business which is very helpful to marketers.


Trying to figure out if an account is person or business related is surely going to be easy with Tweetpi.

Also, Tweetpi has an artificial intelligence who can do the work for you. So if you are a very busy person, unfollowing people on Twitter will not add to your job anymore.


8. TwitCleaner


TwitCleaner does not only help you unfollow inactive twitter accounts but also gives you a precise detail analysis.

It shows you several information regarding an account to make sure if that user is a good candidate for unfollowing or not.


It is essential to make sure that before you remove someone on your list, that person is not useful.

Because removing an active and responsive twitter follower is an opportunity that you might lose.

How to Get Your First 1000 Youtube Subscribers Free

Getting your first 1,000 free Youtube subscribes not easy for new, but…


Here’s a short list of practical YouTube tips as well as some strategies you can use to get your first 1000 subscribers free as well as more views on your YouTube videos. I'm going to share with you my favorite youtube subscribers hack that you can use to grow your youtube channel.




First of all, when people search for video content or when they’re scrolling through their feeds on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, you want them to stop and take note of your YouTube video in particular. Whether they’re picking a video to watch from a list of search results or they happen to scroll past a link to a video that one of their friends shared, you can get more of them to stop with a great title and thumbnail image. How to get subscribers on youtube fast is not easy but can be achieve if you have a right strategy.


Choose titles that are keyword-rich without being keyword-stuffed. You want to make sure that your titles are visible to both search engines and searchers. So, for the search engine, “How to Spike Hair” is great, but it’s kind of a boring title for the searcher. Instead, “How to Spike Hair the Quick and Easy Way” will attract viewers who want spikey hair on the go.


At the same time, make sure you customize your YouTube thumbnail image. YouTube will automatically select the a frame in your video, which can be ineffective at times. However, you can select a still from the video that shows the perfect outcome or the most interesting shot, and people will be more inclined to pause for a look.



In addition to making YouTube videos look more compelling when people come across them, you can also make sure that more people see them by collaborating with other YouTubers. If you live nearby one another, you can get together for an in-person collaboration. If not, you can film your chat on Google Hangouts Live and record it for YouTube. You can also trade guest vlogs on your channels, or even just mention each other on social media.


Collaboration gets you exposure with your collaborator’s audience, and it gets them exposure with your audience. You both win, and it’s a great way to network, get ideas for future videos, and have fun, too.




Recently, millions of people, from celebrities to local businesses, use Youtube as an ideal method to boost their sphere of influence or business performance. To make the Youtube account much more popular, buying Youtube subscribers is, by far, the quickest way to get a large number of subscribers. By making your Youtube seem popular, you can quickly become more popular with other users.


From my own experience, Buy views and subcribe - AudienceGain is one of the best places to promote Youtube Channel as the quality of views, followers, the customer support and the guarantee.




Starting a blog is another great way to get more views for your YouTube videos. With your blog showing up in search engine results, people who search for content similar to what you post on YouTube will be more likely to find it. Then, as they enjoy your blog posts they’ll also see your videos and will be able to follow them back to your YouTube channel for more.


If you’re looking for ideas for your blog, you can post behind-the-scenes images, give sneak peeks of upcoming content, and even transcribe your videos for people who can’t watch them right away but still want to see what you had to say. Your blog is also a great place to introduce people to your video content if they’re coming in midstream.




For example, whether you’re posting about your YouTube video on your blog or on social media, instead of linking to an individual video, why not make and link to a YouTube playlist? You can make playlists of related videos, your biggest hits, seasonal tips and tricks, and much more. When you share your YouTube link this way, you’ll give new viewers a good access point, and you’ll give them a means to easily watch several videos in a row automatically. This is an effective way to get more subscribers on YouTube as well as views.




Finally, pay attention to current events and trending topics when you are serious about increase youtube subscribers fast. If you can find a way to relate a trending news, fashion, sports, or lifestyle story to your YouTube channel’s niche, you’ll be able to share it on social media using that story’s hashtag and buzz. When you do this, you’ll get a lot more views simply based on people looking for related content to that story or topic.

How To Choose An Email Address

Who doesn't want best email name forever. There is a high chance that you will be using your email address for years. In fact, the more you use the email address, the more likely that you are going to stick with it the longer. This is why choosing the right email address, whether it is for personal or professional use, is important.


The question is how to choose an email address that matches your personality professionally and personally.

Unless you are creating an email address for the domain that you or your company owns, most of the best names have been registered and used by someone else. For instance, if you are going for free email service providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook, you will find that most of the names that you want have been registered and there is no way you can re-register them. Thus, you will have to choose another option and use a different name instead.


There are hundreds of millions of emails have been registered, so how are you going to register the right one?

And this is what you are going to discover in this article. We will cover the complete guide in choosing the right email address for your use.



You may think that choosing an email address is something simple and require no effort. While this may be true to a certain extent, having a professionally chosen email address has a great impact on both your personal and professional life.


Plenty of studies on email open rates have found that trusting the sender is the single most important factor in whether an email is opened or not. Think about it, if you are using a funny email address and send your resume to apply for a job, there is a chance that your email will not be opened because it sounds unprofessional. You just do not know, right?


Therefore, it can be vital in choosing the clever email address name. The “From” name in your email says a lot about you.


1. The Right First Impression

A generic email may project inexperience or even worse, raise doubts on whatever you are doing with your email. Moreover, it becomes hard for people to find email address ideas for common names. If you are only using your email for personal use such as registering social media accounts, it will be alright. However, if you are using your email to communicate with others, it is always better to choose a better name for a better impression.


This is especially true if you are using your email for work or business purposes. A branded email shows the world how professional you are. Not only that, when you are using a good email name, you are indirectly telling people that you are someone who cares about the detail.


2. Reduce the Risk of Being Marked as Spam

This is because anyone can create email addresses and unethical people are sending spam emails easily, it makes having a professional email address even more important. You do not want the email you send to be considered a spam.


Some spam and malware filters will automatically disable or move your emails into Junk Mail folders when they find your email name suspicious. Therefore, owning a professional email address reduces the risk of your emails bouncing or being sent straight to the trash can.


3. Build Credibility and Trust

On the contrary, when your email address name is professional, you are providing a sense of credibility and security to the receivers. People are more likely to open the email from a credible source than from someone who “sounds” suspicious, like “priyaangle99@gmail.com” or “sweetsweta@yahoo.com”.


4. The Future of Communication

Although social media like Facebook has emerged as a popular way to communicate, email is still considered one of the most important platforms for serious communication. People are still using emails daily and there is no way it will be replaced in the short-term.


When it comes to work and business, email is a very important communication tool that cannot be ignored. You will never send resume using Facebook after all. Studies have also shown that people treat emails as something “important” than messages they receive through social media.


And because of this reason, email remains as the king of online communication and this is also why you need to choose the right email name.


5. Promote Yourself and Your Brand

One of the benefits of using a branded email is that every time when you send out an email, you are promoting yourself or your business. If you are using your email for personal use, this reason may not be as impactful. However, if you are using your emails for communication with your clients and business purposes, a good name can help you create brand awareness.


If you think that branding is only for big businesses, think again. You are never too small to start building your own brand and you can do it with your email.

Best Twitter Unfollow Tool To Unfollow Non-Followers

Twitter is very popular social media which is growing faster in current time. As a result, everybody should have twitter account. Most of all, Twitter becomes helping hands to connect those people who have same area of interest. Means, if your area of interest is blooging. Then obviously, you will follow the professionals bloggers. So, Twitter account becomes must have job for you because this can grow your business, interest, knowledge and more digitally.

If by some means, you follow those people whose area of interest is not compatible with your interest and those people who are not following you on twitter. And you want to unfollow those people on twitter. So my today article on Mashloud is just for you. In this article, I have compiled 5 best twitter unfollow tool for unfollowing inactive twitter users.

Best Twitter Unfollow tool 2018

Here lets have a attentive eyes on these free twitter unfollow tool which helps you to unfollow inactive twitter users fast.

#1 CrowdFireApp :- This is one of the best free unfollow tools for twitter that you can utilize for both Instagram and Twitter. This tool aware you about which people are following you and which or not.This tool basically give you power to automatic unfollow twitter followers the following person on twitter in different categories like .

  • Who follow me
  • Non followers
  • Who don’t follow me
  • Inactive followers

This tool is easy to unfollow inactive twitter users. Simple steps to use this tool are .

This free mass unfollow twitter tool provided you with two version. With free version, you can unfollow 25 person per day and with premium version, you can do everything according to your wish.

#2 ManageFilter :- ManagerFilter is best twitter unfollow tool which offers you cool features to unfollow unfollow everyone on twitter with one click or those who are not following you back on twitter. Managefliter enable you to sort your following person on twitter in following categories like.

  • Inactive
  • No following back
  • Quit
  • Non english
  • Talktactive
  • No profile image

Managefilter is easy to use. Click here and login with twitter account. This tool will display a list of non followers people. Tap on the option “unfollow” to unfollow non followers people. See Below screen shot.

In Managefillter, you just allow free to unfollow 1,000 people per day. In pro account, You can enjoy addition features of this tool with cost of $12 per month.

#3 Friend Or Fellow :- Friend Or Fellow is another simple and easy easy unfollow twitter tool to use. This tool analyse your twitter account to present a list of your non followers users. Want to use this, its easy , sign in and then click on individual users and tap on unfollow.

You can also export your report as .CSV file.

#4 Twitter Karma Unfollow Tool :- Twitter Karma also a best twitter unfollow tool to unfollow fake twitter accounts because its not sole helps you to unfollow twitter users from twitter account but also follows the people who are following the twitter account. Just because of this unique features, Twitter Karma becomes must have tool for most of the twitter users to unfollow inactive users.

#5 Twitter Counter :-Twitter Counter is a cool one tool to unfollow people who don’t follow you. You can utilize free version of Twitter counter to get your work done. With Twitter counter unfollow users with ease.

#6. Untweeps:- Untweeps is also the best one twitter unfollow tool that enable you to unfollow those people who are not following back to you. It is easy to unfollow people on twitter. You have to login to your twitter account. And enter a number so that you can depict, from when is your account is inactive. Because this is useful steps to know about those people who are not following you since a particular time.

#7. Unfollowers.com - Unfollowers , the best twitter automatic unfollow tool. It is an very easy app to use and knowledge you about your follower and non followers. This site comes with one problem is that it enable you to unfollow only 100 unollowers per day. Therefore, there will be difficulty if you have more than 100 inactive followers.

#8. Tweepi - Would you want to make your twitter account profile clean and there will be no inactive followers in your twitter follower list. Even also it enable you to unfollow people on twitter for free. The Premium plan is also there with advanced features. But with this, you can unfollow non followers , it is enough.

Make your twitter account totally free from non-followers with all of the above best twitter unfollow tool and clean your twitter timeline free from useless tweets. I hope you catch this article beneficial for yourself. If you like this , share with your friends on social sites and so as to make them knowledgeable about these best twitter unfollow tool. If any Query or difficulty found in this article, free to ask by comment. I look forward to hearing from you very soon.

5 Best Free Twitter Unfollow Tool to Unfollow Non-Followers

Twitter is among the very best social networking and advertising tool for net bloggers and entrepreneurs now. Occasionally it's a pain to follow/unfollow your own Twitter accounts followers simultaneously when you're occupied with your marketing and advertising actions.

Here's the listing of best free WordPress unfollow tools to unfollow non follower users that you may utilize to locate those users on your twitter accounts that aren't after you back or are inoperative.



It becomes necessary unfollow non followers on twitter fast when you have a long-term goal with Twitter.

Following are some valid reasons why you should unfollow all your non followers on Twitter:

  • Unfollow inactive twitter users free on Twitter who are not following back. It allows you to connect more active Twitter followers.
  • Don't wait for a sec to take a decision to mass unfollow inactive twitter followers or people who blast spam tweets that have nothing to do with your niche.
  • Unfollowing people from different niches will give you a chance to build the relationship with the people who has the same interest as you.
  • Don't hesitate to unfollow fake twitter accounts who hardly tweets. Doing so, you can add more active Twitter follower in your Twitter timeline.


I guess by now you have been understood the importance of unfollowing non followers on Twitter.

Now here is a question you may ask:


How to identify non-followers or the people who have fake Twitter accounts. Or, in other words, how to unfollow everyone on Twitter at once for free.


Manually checking, right?


Of course, it is a way to check non-followers but also a time-consuming process checking everyone's Twitter profile one-by-one.


How about if you could unfollow all on twitter in one click to save time?
Sounds cool?


Well, there are some mass unfollow tools available online that you can use to automatically unfollow non followers?


...and in today's post, I going to share some of the best FREE Twitter unfollow tools unfollow non followers and fake who are not following you back.



#1. ManageFlitter

ManageFlitter is an all in one Twitter management tool that helps you manage your Twitter profile effectively.


It is one of my favorite mass unfollow tools that I use to unfollow inactive users and fake(spam) accounts.


Here how to unfollow everyone on Twitter at once for free using ManageFlitter:


First, Go to the home of ManageFlitter and login with your Twitter account.


It fetches all data from your Twitter profile and shows the profiles of those who are not following your back.


Next step is to turn on Batch Select beta from the right side.As you turn on Batch Select beta, it will show you the option to select all the Twitter profile at once for unfollowing them.

However, you can unchecked the profile you don't want to unfollow.With your free ManageFlitter account, you can unfollow 100 users every day.


One of the coolest features of ManageFlitter is you can see your Twitter follower's Bio, his location, language, his followers, following and even see if he is following you back or not without visiting his profile.


Move your cursor to the profile of the users you want to see the details, and a pop up like this will appear to see you all details about that users. It is the best easy unfollow twitter tool.

#2. iUnfollow

iUnfollow is another awesome automatic Twitter unfollow tool that you can use to automatically unfollow non followers.

Using iUnfollow is pretty simple all you need is a Twitter account to login it.


It will show you the profile of your followers automatically, click on the "Show Non-Follow Back" so that you can unfollow non-followers.


With a free iUnfollow account, you can unfollow 50 users daily.


However, it has a premium plan also for more advanced features, but as far as unfollow tools are considered the free plan is quite enough.


#3. CrowdFire


CrowdFire, formerly known as "JustUnfollow," is a popular Twitter unfollow tool for Twitter to unfollow non-followers.

You can see who are following you back and who aren't from just a single CrowdFire dashboard.
It makes you easy to manage your Twitter profile and let you unfollow unfollowers on Twitter free.

CrowdFire provides you a daily limit of unfollowing 50 followers with a free account.

However, you are free to upgrade your account to premium any time to avail its other amazing features.


#4. Friend or Follow


The Friend or Follow is simple yet best unfollow Twitter tool that helps you analyze your Twitter profile to know the non-followers.

Using this unfollow twitter tool, you can easily find the people who don't follow you back and unfollow them.


You don't need to create an account on Friend or Follow, simply login with your Twitter account and start using it.


The simple dashboard of Friend or Follow shows you all your followers and non-followers at a single place.


Therefore, you can easily follow and unfollow them.


#5. Unfollower Stats


Unfollower Stats is one of the best free Twitter unfollower tools that you can use to clean up your non-active followers.

Using this tool you can find your Twitter unfollowers and see your follow/unfollow stats.


Moreover, you can unfollow all non-followers with a single click.


Over to you!


Following or unfollowing people on Twitter is your choice.


But, if you ask for my advice I would say you should frequently clean up your Twitter profile by unfollowing people who don't follow you back.


It does not only help you grow your Twitter profile but also prevents your Twitter ID not appear spammy.


Using the above mentioned free Twitter unfollow tools you can save your lots of time and grow your Twitter profile fast.


I have personally tested these Twitter mass unfollow tools and found it useful.


If you found this post useful please share with your friends who are on Twitter and want to unfollow people who are not following them back.